What to expect

Let us take you through the process. Visit behind the scenes.


You will be greeted by one of our nurses who will escort you to a private consultation room for a triage. In very serious cases, or in the case of breathing difficulties your animal may be taken straight through into the prep room for immediate treatment.

Our nurses will take a full history including vaccinations, history, age, neuter status and may included current diet. Please bear with our nurses as they ask these questions, they may not seem relevant but this is a very important part of the diagnostic process as these can all have a significant impact on the treatment of your pet. They will then do a brief physical examination which will include the vitals of your pet: heart rate, temperature, mucous membrane (gum) colour and listen to the breathing.

Your case will then be graded by the nurse as to the urgency and severity. This means that we might ask you to wait a short while as we treat more urgent patients. We will always get to you as soon as possible, but bear in mind that you don’t necessarily want to be first in the queue!


A vet will then come to examine your pet. They may re-ask some questions and confirm some findings. They will then do a thorough examination of your pet. Again, some things they may ask or do may not seem relevant, but the more information they get the more accurate a diagnosis they can make.

For example your dog may have a painful tummy, and you may not understand why the vet is looking at the whites of the eyes. This is because liver disease may cause the animal to be jaundiced, and the best place to do a basic check is the whites of the eyes.

Once a full examination has been done the vet will then go through the findings and options with you. This may include medication to take home or may involve admission for further treatment and diagnostics, like bloods and X-rays. In some cases we can take the bloods and get results within thirty minutes and you may be able to wait for results. The vet will also discuss the potential costs involved with procedures and diagnostic work ups as well as the risks involved. Please understand that our costs are slightly higher than a regular vets due to the 24 hour staffing and the urgency and convenience of remaining open all day, every day and the equipment we carry and use is often more extensive.

If we do not need to admit your animal, we are happy to recheck your pet for the same condition within 24 hours without charging any additional consult fees.


To admit an animal a vet or nurse will generate a consent form for you to review and sign. It will have an estimate of costs for the procedure discussed. This will be as accurate as possible, but there will be times when the vet is only able to provide an estimate to the initial work up costs. Please let us know any contact details and preferred methods of communication at this stage. At this stage whoever is doing the admission will require a deposit of the estimate before undergoing treatment. Unfortunately we are not legally able to offer any payment plans or credit, however we work with some credit facilities. These companies are able to offer credit payment plans and we are very happy to discuss these, you simply need a photo ID and a utility bill or bank statement.


When we take your animal through we will start treatment and diagnostic tests as soon as possible. We have an isolation suite at the back for any potentially contagious diseases, otherwise they will be houses within the main prep areas so that they can be monitored constantly by our staff. The kennels are spacious in size and filled with comfortable bedding, food and water.

We have staff on site 24 hours a day so that we can monitor in patients constantly and do regular full exams depending on the severity of the patient. We will keep you updated least every 12 hours or more frequently if your pets status is changing.  You are free to call for an update at any stage through out the day or night.


Visiting can be arranged at certain times depending on how sick your pet is and the current activity in the hospital. We will always try to accommodate you at a convenient time, but keep in mind that for some cases like toad poisoning it is better to leave the animal to rest than to over stimulate them with contact.


When an animal is stable enough to be either treated at home with medication  or returned to your regular vet, we will be happy to do this. A vet will endeavour to go through all the discharge instructions with you. If your regular vets are one of our associates using our after hours service, then all follow up exams must be done at your regular clinic. However we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have either at the time or after discharge relating to the case. If after discharging you feel your pet is not right and feel he/she needs to be rechecked again, we can do this free of charge within 24 hours of being discharge, providing it is for the same condition.