Nurse Andrew

Andrew previously worked at James Cook University Vet (JCU Vet), a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital which provides Townsville and North Queensland 24-hour referral and after-hours emergency specialists care. ODIN

When he is not working after-hours in ICU and ECC hospitals, and helping to train Australia’s next generation of leading Veterinarians he is very focused on his fitness.  In an effort to single handedly carry your unwell 50kg dog from the car to the treatment table for emergency first aid, you’ll find him on nights off at the gym power lifting.

With the magic of a large can of Red Bull he is an experienced graveyard shift nurse.  During the day time when he’s not working or working out, you can find him on the golf course.  An environment where he is deadly from 120 meters out from the pin with a 8-iron.

As he is camera shy and also does not have any pictures of himself, here is a picture of his dog Odin (we’ll catch him on camera soon).  BEHOLD, ODIN THE NORSE GOD KING!