We are open!

Our doors are now open and we are here to help.

We are now fully operational.

Our facilities are state of the art and include;

  • Multiple comfortable consult rooms with all routine equipment
  • In house lab including point of care blood gases and coagulation profiles
  • Piped oxygen, even to the a consult room and all cages to be used as needed
  • Purpose build surgical suite
  • High resolution digital x-ray facilities with immediate image viewing
  • Point of care ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • ICU and in line ventilators
  • Specialist multi parameter meters including CO2 readings and bloods pressure monitors
  • Intensive care cribs to keep smaller animals in a humidified, heated, oxygen environment when needed
  • Large kennel facilities for even the largest dog
  • Sealed isolation facilities with seperate air supply for contagious cases
  • Solar power and all our oxygen is generated on site

We have much more routine equipment as well, if you’re interested in checking it out, let us know!

1 thought on “We are open!”

  1. Dr Richard and the Staff are amazing. They make you and your pet feel very cared for and explain everything in detail with you. Dr Richard has taken many of my calls after my pet had left their care, and was very patient and understanding with me and answered all of my questions which put me at ease. I would recommend the 24hour Emergency Vets to everyone, they are fantastic.


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