Welcome to EMERGENCY VETS 24/7 If in doubt, give us a shout! We are now open for walk ins and referrals. Call us on 07 4015 3459

Welcome to the site of Emergency Vets 24/7. A dedicated small animal emergency and critical care hospital in the centre of Cairns, catering for Far North Queensland.

Emergency Vets 24/7 has been set up by Richard and Becky, a passionate vet and nurse team with many years of emergency experience around the world. They have a desire and passion for providing excellent animal care to all patients for all budgets. They and their team want to be there for you!

We are now fully up to the public! We would love to help you so please come in. Please make sure you visit your regular vet for regular paralysis tick prevention, this is much better than us treating your beloved pet once they have been effected. Whilst you are at your regular clinic, make sure all your vaccinations and other preventatives like heart worm treatment are up to date.

Our focus is Emergency and Critical care, but our staff will be happy to answer any questions after hours to put your mind at rest. If it is not urgent, we may recommend you wait and see your regular vet the following day, however if you are ever concerned and would like to bring in your pet for a consultation, even just for peace of mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are also open during the day for urgent cases and nursing care, but would ask that you take anything routine to see your regular vet.


A testimonial from a recent client who’s little Ozzie sadly broke his leg. Despite his necessary amputation we can report he’s now doing really well and running about on 3 legs!

“Dr Richard is an amazing vet!!! Our poor boy broke his leg late on Friday night, Dr Richard was the only vet we spoke to who was willing to help on a weekend!! Service and care for our little Ozzie cat was amazing!!! Even after his surgery on Saturday Dr Richard put up with and answered my probably annoying texts and put my mind at ease!! I can not recommend Emergency Vets 24/7¬†enough!! And our little Ozzie is on the mend thanks you Richard!!” Ozzie’s Mum


Little Ozzie on the mend.